ECOVEG is a Cairns based company providing effective revegetation and erosion control solutions for domestic and commercial situations.

Locally owned and operated with over 20 years experience in the turf industry throughout Cairns and Queensland, ECOVEG has the capacity to supply quality products at very competitive rates.

ECOVEG operates a FINN Titan T-330 hydroseeder, manufactured in 2009. This machine represents the latest hydromulching and hydroseeding technology available anywhere in the state and with a tank capacity of 12,681 litres, the unit is perfect for large scale, bare earth revegetation projects including mine sites, highways and commercial and industrial developments.

The Titan T-330 incorporates two large cannons, as well as a 61 metre hose reel for hard to reach areas. This unit is capable of high capacity hydromulch applications and is owner operated, guaranteeing professional results.

ECOVEG are committed to sustainable operations and products and providing environmentally responsible, best practice outcomes wherever possible. As such, they have an extensive range of native seed stock and work closely with Cairns turf farm, Tropical Lawns, to supply robust hybrid stock, perfect for all conditions.

ECOVEG personnel know the land and work closely with clients to understand each project brief and outcome, prior to commencing work. They can provide expert advice on the best revegetation solutions to suit your soil and conditions, with stock suitable for every type of terrain from coastal beaches to inner-city developments, roadside culverts, sports fields, golf courses, mine sites and residential areas.

Services extend beyond initial revegetation and can include ongoing maintenance and fertilizer regimes. They also offer natural erosion control through the specialist STAYturf product, a proven performer in our tropical monsoon conditions.

ECOVEG uses only the highest quality products and guarantee a quality finish every time. Will work across Cairns, North Queensland and beyond: for more information, please contact Mark today on 0409 806 855 or